Lancaster Bomber Arming D-Day + 1

Original Silver Gelatin photograph, c. 1944

11 x 25 cm

Stamped to reverse “Certified by Fox Photos Ltd as passed by censor, Press and Censorship Bureau”

“Thousands of Planes Keep Up the Offensive

“Thousands of planes are continuously taking part in the new offensive for the liberation of Europe.

“Photograph shows: Ground staff loading up a Lancaster with a cookie and 1,000 lb bombs, ready for the new offensive. The air crew and bomb train are dwarfed when seen on the ground from one of the huge bombers.

“Fox June 7 ’44.”

D-Day was 6 June 1944

Provenance: from the collection of Philip J R Moyes, author of many books on the RAF, most notably The Pictorial History which ran to several volumes.

Condition: photograph has discoloured in some areas.