Travel Between 10 and 4 Wartime Poster


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Printed for H.M. Stationery Office, c.1943

If your journey is REALLY necessary and you can choose your times… travel between 10 and 4

Issued by the Ministry of War Transport and the Ministry of Labour and National Service

18×75 cm (7″ x 30″) in unissued condition

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In stock


This poster is an attractive piece of typography against a bright red background and was intended to be displayed in railway carriages.

Rationing did not only apply to food. Public transport was in limited supply too, so those making inessential journeys such as housewives were discouraged from travel. Those who could choose the time of their journey were encouraged to travel outside the rush hour.

The “Is your journey really necessary” campaign began early in the war to discourage casual travel. By 1943 the vagaries of the distribution of rationed food had encouraged housewives to use the train to go shopping and this poster is a product of that campaign. It was accompanied by a short film shown in news cinemas in which women with parcels were seen to obstruct the essential war workers.

We have been unable to trace another copy of this poster in this shape. Both the National Railway Museum and the IWM hold a double crown (30 x 20″) version of the poster, though printed by J Weiner, London.


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