Louis Masquelier (1898-1945)

The Telephone 

L. Masquelier/ Lorraine Sqdrn. (2nd TAF Security Poster No.4)

Lithographic Poster


Issued by the 2nd Tactical Airforce (‘TAF’). This was a combination of both fighter and bomber units formed for the purposes of supporting the army in the 1944 invasion of Europe. The artist was a  Sergent-chef (sergeant) in No 342 (Lorraine) Squadron RAF, a Free French Squadron transferred back to the Armée de l’Air in December 1945. An air gunner – and relatively old at 41 at the beginning of the war – he flew on many operations, also serving as cine-cameraman thanks to his artistic skills. He died on 28 May 1945, after the end of the war. Here a Frenchman has depicted that most English of items, Giles Gilbert Scott’s K2 telephone box warning members of the 2nd TAF to be careful when using the telephone.

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