The Mathematical Bridge, Queens’ College, Cambridge



27 x 18 cm

A delightful watercolour of Cambridge’s famous Mathematical Bridge. Figures punt under the bridge and the buildings of Queens are reflected in the serene waters of the River Cam.

Kate Hillman of the Cambridge University Engineering Department notes that:

“One of the most recognisable structures on the Cam, Queens’ College bridge was originally built in 1749 by James Essex the Younger. Since then it has been rebuilt twice to the original design of William Etheridge, once in 1866 and again in 1905. In 1866 the bridge deck was changed from a stepped design to the current sloped deck. In 1905 a complete rebuild of the bridge was required due to weathering of the original oak structure. stories have suggested that a group of students (or professors, depending on the storyteller) disassembled the bridge to discover how it stood up and then couldn’t put it back together. The bridge was supposedly then rebuilt using rather prominent bolts.”

Condition: very good; gilt frame has some age.

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