Sir Terry Frost (1915-2003)

Bottle and Statue

Oil on board c. 1947

38 x 46cm


A distinctive still life featuring bottle, statue, and drapery.

Terry Frost was a prominent British abstract artist. Frost is most noted for his simplistic abstract forms and unusual colour; he worked alongside the St Ives group and as Barbara Hepworth’s assistant for several years, his artistic style being heavily influenced by them. In 1992 he became a Royal Academician, and he was made Sir Terry Frost in 1998.

Bottle and Statue highlights Frost’s unique compositional skill. His brushwork makes the statue seem like a real nude, who, framed by turquoise and ochre draperies, examines the still life in the foreground. An early work, painted shortly after the War and prior to his adoption of abstraction.

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Condition: A little craquelure in the oil above the statue’s head.