Angela Stones (1914 – 1995)

Still Life with Fruit and Coffee Pot


Oil on board

41 x 51 cm

Signed lower right.

A sophisticated mid-century still life, characterised by gleaming coffee pot and brimming fruit bowl. The rich red of the apples communicates with the scarlet of the draperies and Stones’ signature, just as the bluish-purple hues of the grapes do with the glinting metal of the coffee pot and the blue book on which it stands.

Stones was educated at the Chelsea School of Art, and was a member of an artistic dynasty. Her mother Dorothy Bradshaw (1893-1983) studied under Jack Merriott – the artist famous for his British Rail posters, and her son, Christopher Assheton-Stones (1947-1999), was arguably the foremost pastel artist of his time.

Provenance: the family of the artist.

Condition: very good.

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