Per Arnoldi (born 1941)

Copenhagen: Jazz Center of Europe (1972)

Lithographic poster

99 x 61 cm


Per Arnoldi was born in Copenhagen in 1941. He is a Danish designer and artist most famous for his prolific commercial poster art. Arnoldi is a lifelong fan of jazz, and, as well as having created many jazz-related posters, he hosts monthly jazz radio shows and occasionally tours with a jazz trio.

This bold and dynamic poster is typical of Arnoldi’s jazz designs. He notably uses block primary colours and simple, often silhouetted, compositions. The Tourist Association of Copenhagen commissioned the poster in order to encourage tourists to visit the city and its musical haunts. The saxophonist silhouetted in the image is thought to be a representation of Stan Getz, the American jazz saxophonist who died in 1991.

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Condition: Excellent.