Kerry Lee (1903-1988)

‘Cambridge’ Original Poster Map c. 1965


Original Vintage Lithographic poster

Published by Pictorial Maps Limited, Kerry Lee’s own company

The first edition of this map was 1947; this is a later edition showing as it does Fitzwilliam College in its new location on the Huntingdon Road where it moved in 1963, but still referring to it as Fitzwilliam House – it became a college in 1966.

Well known as a creator of pictorial maps of British cities from the mid 20th century, he generally draws a self-portrait in the bottom corner by his signature – as here, where he is seen (mustachioed and bearded, and clad in a green tunic) with his ever-faithful dog Jim. Educated at Reading Schools of Arts and Science, the Slade and the Sorbonne in Paris, he subsequently assisted his step-father, an architect named Mr Harvey, as draftsman. Following the Depression Lee set up ‘Associated Artists’ at Blandford Studios off Baker Street, with a group of other commercial artists.

During World War 2 he was based in Hertfordshire creating detailed cut-away drawings of German aircraft, and after the war – still at Blandford Studios – published a series of pictorial maps, both those for British Rail and also his own publications.