Brownbridge (flourished 1930s – 1940s)

For Fireside Comfort, High Beam Gas Fires brochure design


Gouache, mixed media art, and collage

21.5 x 14 cm

From a small archive of works by Brownbridge, a member of the Society of Industrial Artists.

A design for a brochure advertising Radiation’s high beam gas fires. Brownbridge’s design combines a photograph of a mother and child with hand-painted text; the red and yellow colour palette project warmth and cosiness. The mother’s hair is fantastically 1930s, and she reads a copy of ‘Patsy Ann: Her Happy Times’ by Mona Reed King (first published in 1935) to her son.

Society of Industrial Artists correspondance (photographed above) is not included; please enquire separately.

Condition: generally very good; lacking ‘The Serene’ collaged photograph.

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