William Kip (active 1598 – 1610) after Christopher Saxton (1540 – 1610)

Map of Cambridgeshire (1637)


Engraving with later hand colouring

29 x 32 cm

An antique map of Cambridgeshire. The map was originally published in William Camden’s atlas ‘Britannia’, which was first published in 1586.

William Kip was a goldsmith and map engraver. He was born in Utrecht in the Netherlands and moved to London to pursue his career as an engraver. Alongside William Hole, Kip re-engraved Christopher Saxton’s 1574 county maps for publication in Camden’s ‘Britannia’, and it is this venture for which he is most well-known.

Christopher Saxton was an English cartographer who produced the first county maps of England and Wales. Between 1574 and 1578 he engraved maps of every county in Britain, and compiled them into an atlas in 1579. These maps bore Queen Elizabeth I’s arms as well as those of Saxton’s patron, Thomas Seckford.

Condition: generally good; faint evidence of old staining.

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