Gerald Mac Spink (flourished 1920 – 1940)

Art Deco City Scene with Engine Car


Block print

41 x 29 cm

Signed ‘G Mac Spink’ in plate (in reverse) upper left.

“Over the great bridge, with the sunlight through the girders making a constant flicker upon the moving cars, with the city rising up across the river in white heaps…” – F Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

An Art Deco city with 1920s engine-cars in the foreground. A white tower-block rises up, emerging palely from a chiaroscuro darkness, a great edifice above the tiny pedestrians below.

Spink was a skilled artist, illustrator, and designer who produced a series of posters in the inter-war period for companies including the London Underground, Southern Railways, LNER, Hawker Engineering, and British Steel. He won a prize in 1933 from the Imperial Institute for his poster artwork. He also worked as an aeronautical engineer in Kingston-on-Thames for Hawker Engineering; his greatest achievement was the creation of the ‘Squanderbug’, a 500cc racing car which he built in 1947, and which races even to this day.

Provenance: the artist’s estate.

Condition: very good.

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