US Naval Aviation Training Division

1943 Vultee Vengeance World War 2 US airplane

Aeroplane identification poster, 1943

63 x 47 cm

A particularly unusual style of aeroplane identification poster, owing to the very arty images. Most such posters rely on very plain silhouettes, this series – and we have several in this series (click here) – have a much more arty approach to the task with shading and an interesting angle view.

Designed in 1940 as a single-engined dive bomber for the French Armée de l’Air, with deliveries scheduled for October 1940. With the fall of France in June 1940 the order was cancelled, but the British Royal Air Force ordered 200 of these dive bombers having been impressed by the Stuka. It was a reliable aircraft, stable in flight and in a dive. It was much used in Burma, this forgotten theatre of the war being regarded as a repository for otherwise unpopular and unwanted equipment, but where it proved very effective in bombing Japanese positions.

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