US Naval Aviation Training Division

DH Mosquito World War 2 US airplane

Original aeroplane identification poster, 1943

63 x 47 cm

The Mosquito, the ‘wooden wonder’, was made entirely from wood to counteract metal shortages. Being wooden, it was very light, and when powered by two Merlin engines could outrun any German aeroplane, hence its use for Photographic Reconnaissance.

Goering is reputed to have said: “In 1940 I could at least fly as far as Glasgow in most of my aircraft, but not now! It makes me furious when I see the Mosquito. I turn green and yellow with envy. The British, who can afford aluminium better than we can, knock together a beautiful wooden aircraft that every piano factory over there is building, and they give it a speed which they have now increased yet again. What do you make of that? There is nothing the British do not have. They have the geniuses and we have the nincompoops. When the war is over I shall buy a British radio set. Then at least I shall have something that works.”

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