Wilfred Pettitt (1904 – 1978)

Great Court, Trinity College, Cambridge



17 x 27 cm

A smartly-dressed couple and their two children enjoy the sunny and immaculately-lawned Great Court of Trinity College, Cambridge. The man and woman admire the ornate fountain which stands sentinel in the middle of the court (it, along with the rest of Great Court, was erected by by Thomas Nevile, master of the college in the early 17th century). Their children, perhaps oblivious to the architectural majesty around them, amuse themselves by playing with the pigeons.

Wilfred Stanley Pettitt was born in Great Yarmouth, and studied at the Great Yarmouth School of Art and the Norwich School of Art. In 1928 he showed at the Royal Academy Royal Academy for the first time, and his work was also exhibited by the Royal Society of British Artists and the Royal Cambrian Academy. In 1944 Pettitt became one of the founding members of the Norwich Twenty Group (a group of Norfolk artists who intended to raise the standards of local professional art). He died in Eastbourne in 1978.

Condition: mounted to board; otherwise very good.

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