Lionel Edwards (1878 – 1966)

The Berkeley Hunt – Near Rockhampton (1925)



34 x 51 cm

Signed in plate lower right. In original 3/4″ black frame.

A Lionel Edwards lithograph depicting the Berkeley – part of the artist’s 1925 ‘Hunting Countries’ series. The yellow coats with green collars and the running fox on the lapel are worn by the Masters and Hunt Staff and are unique in hunting circles, representing the outdoor livery of the Berkeley family; the ladies’ colours of navy and maroon represent the indoor livery.

The Berkeley is the oldest pack in the country and is one of the very few that are still family owned. The Fifth Earl of Berkeley could hunt his hounds from Berkeley Castle to Berkeley Square in London and had six kennels along the route. The season would start in Berkeley and progress to each of his kennels to London and then in stages back again to Gloucestershire. The present kennels date from the early 18th century and are home to around 90 hounds.

Lionel Edwards was a British artist who specialised in pictures of country life, particularly horses, and provided illustrations for Country Life. He is best known for his hunting scenes but also painted pictures of horse racing, shooting and fishing.

Condition: print generally good; the odd tiny spot in top left area. In original 3/4″ black frame – some scratches to frame.

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