‘Samivel’ Paul Gayet-Tancrède (1907-1992)
Les Pyrénées, France

Editions Mythra SA Chamonix
Original Vintage Ski Poster

With the ever-popular topic of skiing, Samivel here catches a chamois atop a Pyrenean hill, a mountain peak in the background. The chamois, a mountain goat-antelope, has hooked horns when fully grown, this one is likely a kid.

Samivel was a writer, an artist, a photographer, an explorer and more. In 1948 he accompanied Paul Émile Victor on the first French Greenland expedition, making three documentary films in the process. His friends included Théodore Monod and Gilbert André – the latter the mayor of Bonneval-sur-Arc and one of the founders of the Vanoise National Park – and with them and others he spent his whole life aiming for the protection of the imperilled countryside. The graphic artist side of him had a life-long fascination with high mountains, and his illustrated books and series of posters of the French Alps have long been popular.

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Condition: Generally very good, faint spotting towards bottom.