Roy Carnon (1911-2002)
Derelict Catalina Redhills Lake near Madras

‘Used in Stocks for Gunnery Practice’
Oil on board, artist’s painted frame
Signed and dated 1946 and inscribed with  title to reverse

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This 1946 painting of a derelict Second World War aircraft is a portrait of postwar disillusionment. The battered Catalinas which had survived the war became useful only as ground-based objects for target practice.  Carnon’s brooding colours and impasto application of paint illustrate how the technologies which helped the Allies to win the war became, overnight, unnecessary. The airmen based in India similarly became unnecessary, but unable to be demobilised they initiated the so-called RAF Mutiny in January 1946.

Carnon attended Chiswick Art School becoming an illustrator. In 1965 he was responsible for visualising spacecraft for 2001: A Space Odyssey, being designer of the iconic ‘wheel’ spacestation. These drawings are now in the Kubrick archives at UAL.

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Condition: Excellent, recently cleaned and in artist’s original frame.