Cuthbert “CB” Bradley for Vanity Fair Magazine
‘Otho’: Otho Paget

30 January 1902


21 x 37 cm


CB’s cartoon depicts John Otho Paget, noted beagler and author of ‘Beagles and Beagling’. Cuthbert Bradley was also a sporting man – he famously authored ‘Fox-Hunting from Shire to Shire with Many Noted Packs’ and worked as a sporting journalist for The Field. As well as illustrating for Vanity Fair, he painted polo and foxhunting scenes, and other pictures of equestrian interest. The majority of his Vanity Fair cartoons are of hunting men.

The Vanity Fair magazine of 1868 to 1914 was subtitled ‘A Weekly Show of Political, Social and Literary Wares’. Founded by Thomas Gibson Bowles, who aimed to expose the contemporary vanities of Victorian society, it featured regular full-page, colour lithographs of famous (or infamous) contemporary figures. It is for these caricatures that the original Vanity Fair is best known today.

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