Richard Bankes Harraden (1778 – 1862)

Magdalen College


Hand-coloured aquatint

13 x 21 cm

A nineteenth-century view of Magdalen College, Cambridge (spelled here as ‘Magdalen’ – in the 19th century, the spelling of the college’s name was fixed as “Magdalene” with a final “e”, to avoid confusion with Magdalen College, Oxford).

Richard Bankes Harraden was a printmaker, painter, and drawing master. He was active in Cambridge, producing many views of the colleges, and subsequently several Oxford colleges. Harraden was an early and exhibiting member of the Society of British Artists in London, which was established in 1823, and remained a member until 1849. He specialised in depictions of landscape, topography and architecture, and was the son of Richard Harraden (1756 – 1838) with whom he published plates as ‘Harraden & Son’.

Condition: very good.

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