John Piper (1903-1992)

Study for the Piper Building mural



Provenance: P Manzareli (who built the fibreglass murals for Piper), gift from the artist; Milne & Moller Fine Art; Katharine House Gallery; private collection, Scotland.

This study is a fascinating part of London’s architectural history.

The Piper Building is a mid-century architectural icon in Fulham. Built in the 1950s as ‘Watson House’, it was a laboratory complex for the North Thames Gas Board and has an innovative concrete structure. Piper was commissioned to produce the murals surrounding the building. The Gas Board moved out in the mid 1980s. Scheduled for demolition in the 1990s, the building was instead converted into seventy apartments and renamed the Piper Building. With double-height ceilings, the apartments were sold as shells, and purchasers were free to commission their own architects and builders.

Condition: Generally excellent; framed.

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