Dr William Crotch (1775-1847)
Eton College Chapel

Pencil and colour wash
Extensively inscribed to reverse
Dated 10.20am August 1 1832
Provenance: Spink, King Street, London

Composer and organist (a child prodigy, playing the organ of the Chapel Royal at the age of three-and-a-half) Crotch is most famous for probably beint the composter of the Westminster Chimes – struck by Big Ben inter alia. In 1797 he became Heatehr Professor of Music at Oxford University, becoming DMus in 1799. John Malchair, the musician and artist, became a friend whilst he was in Oxford, and so with his guidance Crotch took up sketching. He also took Malchair’s habit of recording the date and time of his picture passing this habit to John Constable upon meeting him in London in 1805.

He became first Principal of the Royal Academy of Music, a post he held for ten years until he resigned

His works are well represented in many public and private collections. The Tate holds three of his works.

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Condition: Good.