Berlin (1955)

Lithographic poster

84 x 61 cm
Original Vintage Poster

Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche from Kurfürstendamm by Night

A view of the ‘Champs Elysee’ of Berlin, the main shopping street in 1955. Although it was designed just ten years after the Second World War’s end, when much of the city still bore the scars of devastating conflict, the poster still manages to evoke a pre-war idea of Berlin (especially seen through the glamorous lens of the postwar 1950s). Fashionable figures cross the street, the cars are the latest and brightest, and the humming city is reflected in the wet road.

This poster was designed to be overprinted with the name of the local airline.

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Condition: Good. Backed to linen. Small loss to bottom left corner in margin; a little white spotting to the ‘Berlin’ panel.