Sherry and Jamon Evening 24/09/2022

1.    Hidalgo La Gitana Manzanilla (Waitrose £12.75)

2.    Don Luis Fino del Puerto Lustau Dry Sherry (Waitrose £11.99)

3.   Hidalgo Manzanilla Pasada Pastrana Sherry (Waitrose £13.99)

4.   No.1 Don Gaspar Dry Amontillado Lustau Sherry (Waitrose £11.99)

5.   No.1 Torre del Oro Palo Cortado Lustau Sherry (Waitrose £11.99)

6.   No.1 Emilio Lustau Dry Oloroso Sherry (Waitrose £11.99)

7.   No.1 Rich Cream Lustau Sherry (Waitrose £11.99)

Further suggestions:

Wine Society: Romate Fino Perdido; Valdespino Innocente, Cayetano Palo Cortado.

“Una bota de…” by Grupo Estevez

Sherries by Bodegas Tradicion

Selfridges have a good sherry selection (though their website appears impenetrable)

Further Reading

The Consejo Regulador – the Sherry Regulator – has an excellent website with wine/food pairings, recipes for sherry cocktails and lots of educational materials.