Frederick Wilton Litchfield Stockdale (c. 1780-c. 1850)

Sutton Scarsdale, Derbyshire


Provenance: from the estate of Lord St John of Fawsley, former Master of Emmanuel College Cambridge. Extensively inscribed to verso by him in purple ink.


Primarily a topographer, Stockdale was an assistant to the Military Secretary to the East India Company. He exhibited at the Royal Academy between 1803 and 1821. His best-known work are the engravings in the 1824 book Excursions in Cornwall published by W Simpson and R Marshall, London.

Sutton Scarsdale Hall was an imposing Georgian house built between 1724 and 1729. In 1919 its interiors were dismantled and shipped to America and the roof removed; today the shell remains and is owned by English Heritage.

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