Lancaster Bomber of No. 9 Squadron R5700

Stamped to reverse “Copyright Photograph Graphic Photo Union Grays In Road, London WC1”
“Certified by Graphic Photo Union as passed by censor – Press and Censorship Bureau”
Pencil note to reverse states “Photo released 3/7/42”
Silver gelatin photograph c. 1940s.

The aircraft was lost on 22/23 September 1943 near Bad Münder-am-Deister in a raid on Hannover following an attack by a German night fighter piloted probably by Fw. Hermann Wischnewski 3./JG300 at 22:37 hrs at a height of 2,500 metres. This, the first major raid on the city for 2 years, involved 711 aircraft but strong winds caused the markers and bombing to be concentrated up to 5 miles away from the main target.

No. 9 Squadron was the first squadron to hit the German battleship Tirpitz with a 12,000 pound Tallboy bomb. Furthermore on 4 September 1939 the squadron’s Wellingtons were the first to hit the enemy, the first to get into a dogfight, probably the first to shoot down an enemy aircart and the first to be short down by one.