Margaret Macadam (1902-1991)


Watercolour drawing, signed lower right

26cm x 18cm


In The Barbarians (1935), set in Paris and on the Riviera in 1922, Virginia Faulkner sets out her account of the Bohemian life of expats and war veterans. The Barbarians, a loose cluster of creative types, comprised painters, a sculptor, a writer, a pianist, and a gigolo. Faulker was only 22 when she wrote the book. Margaret Macadam was a British illustrator active in the 1920s and 1930s. She won a scholarship to the Royal Academy schoos in 1925. Amongst her commercial works are several dust wrapper designs for London-based publishers, including the dust-jacket design for the first edition of Agatha Christie’s first straight novel ‘Giant’s Bread’. Following the discovery of an archive of Macadam’s work in 2016, it was possible to connect her work on Giant’s Bread to other known designs.

Condition: Excellent.

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