Lancaster Bomber “G for George” of RAAF 460 Squadron AR-G V4783

Stamped to reverse “British Official Photograph No… Issued by Photographic News Agencies Ltd 30 Fleet Street EC4 Tel: Central 2260”

Pencil note to reverse states “Aero 216 Aug 25 1944”
Silver gelatin photograph c. 1940s.

G-Goerge flew 90 operational sorties over occupied Europe and is now preserved at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra, Australia. It brought home, alive, every crewman who ever flew aboard it. Retired in 1944 it was flown to Australia and played a major part in raising war bonds during a round-Australia publicity trip.

Following a 5-year restoration programme it was restored to its wartime configuration and serves as a memorial to all Australians who served with Bomber Command and to the 1,018 dead of 460 Squadron.