Georg Braun (1541-1622, German) and Frans Hogenberg

First Map of Cambridge (1575)

33 x 44 cm

Engraving with later hand colouring


This early map of Cambridge was first published in the second book of the six volume ‘Civitates Orbis Terrarum’ devised by German topo-geographer Georg Braun and drawn up by Flemish German engraver Franz Hogenberg. This collection, comprising 363 plates, illustrated more than 500 cities and towns, mostly in Europe but some in Asia, Africa and America. Once printed, the maps were coloured by hand.

This map depicts Cambridge from the west, enclosed by fields and farmland. Depicted are many of the old university colleges – including King’s, Jesus, Trinity and Christ’s, as well as the city’s old castle. Cambridge from the time of Shakespeare – in the first proper published map of Cambridge.

Condition: Generally very good