Emery Walker (1851-1933) after Edmund Hort New (1871-1931)
Oriel College Oxford

Photogravure print
Published 1919 after creation of the drawing 1915-1918.

Artist and illustrator, Edmund Hort New was born in Evesham, subsequently attending Birmingham Municipal School of Art. In the early part of his career he worked with Ruskin and his Arts & Crafts artist circle, subsequently working at the Kelmscott Press of William Morris.

Moving to Oxford in 1905, New reimagined David Loggan’s epic 1675 aerial perspectives of Oxford adding his own embellishments and fine details – the elegance of the decoration, and the typography in his prints of Oxford show his early influences with Ruskin and Morris.

Emery Walker was a printer and leading light in the Arts & Crafts movement. He was a founder of the Kelmscott Press and partner of Cobden-Sanderson in the ultimately ill-fated Hammersmith-based Doves Press. (In 1909 they fell out and Cobden-Sanderson destroyed their famous Doves Type typeface by casting it all into the Thames rather than letting it pass to Walker as had been agreed. Some 150 pieces were recovered in 2015 and the typeface has since been republished in a digital version.)

The photogravure process was a new process at the time; a photograph is transferred to a copper plate which is then etched and used as the printing plate. Contact prints of New’s pen and ink drawings were made. They were marketed as ‘New Loggan’ prints – being a suitable pun on New’s name and it is thought that no more than 200 copes of each view were printed. The original plates were destroyed in the Blitz.

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