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Architectural Drawings for sale

As the science of photography developed, so artists’ work became less realistic and more impressionistic, there being no need to produce a realistic facsimile of a scene when a photograph could achieve this in an instant.¬†Architectural draftsmen, however, were required to produce something that looked realistic when in fact it was pure fantasy. Of course, they were more idealistic than realistic: the factory painted in the manner of a country house, with elegant figures and cars before it – who would never again visit once the opening ceremony was over; the City office block painted from a perspective inside an adjacent building whence it would never be seen; the design for the building that never made it beyond the drawing board; and of course the design for the building that has now been demolished, and the only memory of it is in the lovingly-drawn architectural perspective.

Here we are proud to present some drawings by the greatest twentieth century architectural perspectivists, including Cyril Farey and JDM Harvey.